Member Departments

Volunteers are associated with 15 of the 37 fire stations in Fairfax County.  Each volunteer department is an independent, legally-designated nonprofit organization, with its own unique history and identity.  Each department owns and/or operates at least one fire station, as well as emergency vehicles and equipment.  These organizations work closely with each other and with the career staff of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department to provide the best service to the community.


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The location and contact information for each of the volunteer departments are provided below.  Those interested in volunteering may either contact the department directly or use the information request form.

McLean Volunteer Fire Department

(Station 1) 
1244 Laughlin Avenue, McLean
Operational | Administrative

Vienna Volunteer Fire Department

(Station 2) 
400 Center Street South, Vienna
Operational | Administrative | Auxillary

Franconia Volunteer Fire Department

(Stations 5 and 37) 
6300 Beulah Street, Alexandria
Operational | Administrative

Annandale Volunteer Fire Department

(Stations 8 and 23) 
7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale
Operational | Administrative

Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department

(Station 10) 
3601 Firehouse Lane, Falls Church
Operational | Administrative

Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department (Station 12) 

9916 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls
Operational | Administrative

Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

(Station 13) 
2148 Gallows Road, Dunn Loring
Operational | Administrative | FireCorps

Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

(Station 14) 
9501 Old Burke Lake Road, Burke
Operational | Administrative | FireCorps

Centreville Volunteer Fire Department

(Stations 17 and 38)
5856 Old Centreville Road, Centreville
Operational | Administrative

Lorton Volunteer Fire Department

(Station 19)
7701 Armistead Road, Lorton
Operational | Administrative

Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

(Station 21) 
12300 Lee Jackon Memorial Highway, Fairfax
Operational | Administrative | FireCorps

Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department

(Station 22) 
7011 Backlick Road, Springfield
Operational | Administrative | FireCorps