Our Volunteers

The twelve volunteer departments that comprise the Fairfax County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association work in partnership with Fairfax County to provide staffing, apparatus, and facilities to supplement the operations of the Fire and Rescue Department.

In the last two complete reporting years, volunteers contributed about 217,000 hours of time per year to conduct operations, training, and administrative duties. In that same period, operational volunteers logged over 2,200 shifts (staffing of a response unit) per year on ambulances, engines, brush/utility units, canteens, and command vehicles.

Our volunteers work in many fields outside the fire service. Volunteers are able to leverage their experience and education to benefit their departments and the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department. Most members also live in the general area of their departments, so bring a level of community involvement and local knowledge that benefits the department. Everyone has something to contribute.

You may notice an ambulance or fire engine in your neighborhood that is something other than the traditional red color. Each of the volunteer departments may have its own custom color scheme for apparatus. Some of the colors originate in the early days of the department and have continued to now as part of the unique identity of the organization. Regardless of color, any vehicle that responds to your emergency will have some of the best-trained career and volunteer personnel on board.