Buy an “Uncle Sam” for Veterans Day, Help Out Greater Springfield VFD

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

Springfield, Va. — Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department is selling wooden Uncle Sam lawn ornaments to support its operations.

An example of the wooden “Sam” lawn ornament.

“The ‘Sam’ figures can be a great way to display patriotism and show support for the volunteer fire department,” said Rick Machado, from the Greater Springfield VFD fundraising team.

The department, located in the southern part of Fairfax County, operates as part of the County’s combination fire and rescue system where volunteers trained to the same professional levels as county career staff work side-by-side to provide fire and rescue services to the community.  Fire equipment and vehicles are provided by the volunteer organization through community support and fundraising.  In the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2013, operational and administrative members volunteered nearly 35,000 hours to support the Springfield area.  

The hand-made ornaments are produced by residents of the Greenspring retirement community, which is located in Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Department’s “first-response” area. The woodworking shop donated “Sam” to the fire department to help them with their annual fundraising initiative.

“Sam” stands 17 inches tall, and is proudly displaying an 11-inch-by-7 inch U.S. flag to all passers-by. Each order comes with a 12-inch rod that secures “Sam” to the ground.

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Greater Springfield VFD is a partner in the Fairfax County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association and is part of the County’s Fire and Rescue Department.  For more information about volunteering with Greater Springfield VFD, visit (10/15/2013)