Franconia VFD Announces 2015 Board

by | Jan 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

Alexandria, Va. — The Franconia Volunteer Fire Department, which serves the Franconia, Rose Hill, and Kingstowne areas of Alexandria, has announced its leadership for 2015:

Chief: Tim Fleming
President: Deborah Volker
Assistant Chief: Gary Gaal
Vice-President: Sean McLaren
Secretary: Jason Farrar
Treasurer: John Swanson, Jr.
Assistant Treasurer: Heather Tomaszek
Board of Directors: Steve ChenNeal Sweeney, and Joe Riviere

The volunteer organization was founded in 1933 as the sixth fire department in Fairfax County and has been influential as the surrounding area in the southern part of the County developed after World War II.  Approximately 60 active members contributed nearly 20,000 hours to support the community in fiscal 2014. It supplies and operates fire and rescue apparatus at Station 5 (Franconia) and Station 37 (Kingstowne) in partnership with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.

In 2015, the department plans to replace its Tower Ladder apparatus with a new $1.2 million vehicle and refurbish two medical transport units at a cost of $300 thousand.

Franconia VFD holds bingo fundraisers every Wednesday and Saturday evenings, rents out meeting space at 6300 Beulah Street, and welcomes donations. The public is welcome to stop by a station to learn about the fire department.


Franconia VFD is a partner in the Fairfax County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association and is part of the County’s Fire and Rescue Department.  Learn more about the Franconia Volunteer Fire Department at (1/10/2015)